Digital Circle

Brand Identity Design

We use the brand strategy as a springboard to inform and inspire how we bring the visual and verbal identity to life.

Need brand identity design?

The insights gleaned from our research and the organising brand idea guide our decision-making throughout this stage.

The days of matching luggage identities are over. Today, brands must be dynamic and adapt to the fast-paced and constantly shifting world we do business in. In short, your brand identity needs to work harder than it has ever done before.

Responsive identity systems

We build responsive identity systems that strike the right balance between the need for consistency and instant recognition, whilst also having the agility and flexibility built-in to ensure that they can adapt and be relevant in specific and niche situations.

A brand toolkit to build trust

The core identity is made up of consistent and fixed components that don’t change – the basic foundations of the visual identity tool kit. These usually include the logo, typefaces, primary colour palette, imagery styles, design systems and layouts.

All of these components are carefully crafted and designed to faithfully bring the strategy to life. For instance, typeface plays a major part in building the personality of the brand and is selected to have just the right qualities and character traits to portray the brand in the right way. If the business wants to be bold and dynamic, then a typeface is selected to help convey this characteristic. Similarly, colours are carefully curated to be both memorable, distinctive and most importantly say the right thing about you. For instance, the impact of choosing fluorescent green over racing green can say so much! Colour can also be a way to create a stand-out in a sector. Just think of how certain brands become synonymous with colour combinations – Nando’s, OUTsurance and Google. And finally, imagery is a whole world of choice in its own right. You have a wealth of options to decide from – photos, illustrations, graphics, animations, and then you can add in more choices of conceptual, people, still-life, abstract, reportage and visual metaphors to name just a few.

A brand for all occasions

Building on the core components, we develop assets that, when applied, allow a brand to remain relevant in changing markets or when communicating with different audiences. For example, you wouldn’t wear the same clothes to a job interview as you would to a BBQ, would you? Equally, you wouldn’t talk to your boss in exactly the same way you do to your closest friends. We develop a messaging and visual tool kit that taps into various audience needs and wants identified at the strategy phase, whilst still staying true to how you are.

Our creative sprint process

Our process generally follows four sprint stages, each involving a concentrated period of creative development followed by review (Both here at Dusted and with your team) and then refinement.

Firstly, we develop a creative brief and initial thinking to confirm that we are all on the same page and aiming to achieve the same outcomes.
The second sprint is concepting and ideation, where we present a set of creative directions (territories) for the visual identity, demonstrated across key marketing items and communication channels. These might include items like business cards, indicative website pages, brand advertising and merchandising.

Then we work closely with your team to incorporate your design feedback and develop the chosen route further. The chosen route is then refined to the point of sign-off where all parties are happy.

Let's Work Together.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, speed of delivery and the genuine advice we provide throughout the process. Last but not least, we try to be as flexible as possible, within your budget and deadlines.

So if there is something you think we can help with, feel free to give us a call and we’ll walk you through the rest!